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At Taylormade Performance & Rehab we can offer a variety of treatments tailored to suit your needs. By examining your entire physical condition rather than solely at the site of your pain, we can understand the causes and consequences of your symptoms and treat this accordingly.


For example: Commonly low back pain can be caused by a muscle imbalance between the large global back extensor muscles, which are over active and the smaller core stabilisers which often prove to be weaker so not able to carry out their correct function.

Knee pain can often be caused by poor biomechanics at the foot or even weak Gluteal strength resulting in malalignment of the knee affecting its tracking in motion.


Manual Therapy

Peripheral and Spinal Joint Mobilisations and Manipulations

Soft Tissue Massage/Trigger Point Release

Neural Mobilisations

Prophylactic Taping





Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

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