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I have been working with Claire and Andy who are my regional strength and conditioning coaches for the last two years between my visits to national training camps and Loughbrough University.

They introduced me to strength and conditioning and to Olympic lifting techniques. I have found this has been an invaluable new addition to my training programme and has given me an additional edge to my performance, making me faster, stronger and more powerful.

Jemma Rose - U19’s England Ladies Football


Claire has treated me on a regular basis at Plymouth Argyle Football Club. After diagnosing my injury she would advise me on whether we could manage that particular injury through modifying training methods or if it was more beneficial to rest and rehabilitate the condition. This reassured me that I could carry on with important matches knowing it was not to my detriment. On the occasions that I couldn’t carry on playing and training, Claire treated my symptoms with a range of skills and monitored my progression through my rehabilitation programme. The progressive strength and fitness rehabilitation gave me the confidence and proof that I was ready to return to play at my peak performance.

The service Claire has given me is of a professional sports club standard and to be able to provide this service to those not involved in elite sports is a rare and priceless commodity.

Rory Fallon - Plymouth Argyle Football Club and New Zealand International


Claire Taylor has been employed in Hunter Coy at the Commando Training centre for a 3 month locum contract and has been superb…… Her attention to detail, enthusiasm and talents have been highly effective in delivering rehabilitation to a diverse injury group of musculoskeletal and soft tissue injury groups and she has managed the complexities of rehabilitation in a unusual military environment with patience and skill. Many of those she treated have progressed to pass out as Royal Marines and have her efforts, in part, to be thankful for. She drew usefully on her experience rehabilitating professional sportsmen and has delivered innovative and challenging rehabilitation that has assisted recruits make rapid progress through the remedial system……

Major J Bonney - OC Hunter Company Royal Marines


I have been training at Taylormade Performance & Rehab and I have been coached by Andy Taylor which has benefited me and developed many of my weaknesses to ensure I have been improving. I have been carrying out both weight training and fitness conditioning. I was issued with and coached through a detailed programme consisting of both upper body and leg weights. Doing upper body work and learning different techniques and exercises has made my body shape alot broader, and therefore I have become a lot stronger. This has made me increase my level of performace, as I tend to shield the ball a lot better, so I am able to hold the ball up without been easily budged of the ball and I am a lot more physical in my tackles. The leg weights and sprint work that we have carried out had developed alot more power in my game. As a result of this work I have developed my ability of kicking the ball over a greater distance and greater power being generated behind a shot. It has also helped me become faster over short distances, so I am able to gain the edge over my opponent due to the muscular power I have developed in my lower half of the body.

Andy has also included a programme in core stability, which has improved my core strength providing me with the ability to hold a firm stance and a balanced position at all times. This has also helped my agilty which is specific to football as it allows me to turn sharply whilst being effective in losing my marker or whilst regaining a defensive position (by dribbling quickly in different directions) . Overall it has been of great help and improved my performance in my prioritised weaknesses. The weight programme I was supplied with was done professionally as it was constantly updated to ensure i keep progressing and put my body under greater pressure so it is more of a challenge and much more benefical. I owe a great deal of thanks to Andy for all his help and support and it is much appreciated.

Adam Kanaah - Football Player


Over the last 7 years I have been fortunate to have Claire Taylor's contact details in my mobile phone. Any time that I have a slight injury, ache or pain one call to Claire and I am already on the road to recovery. Claire's knowledge, diagnosis and advice has helped me to reach the top of my game. If it is possible, Claire's aim is to solve problems in one visit through treatment and self help advice and exercises and I would recommend her services to anyone with any injury or fitness issue.

Mike Mullarkey - FIFA Assistant Referee


I would just like to convey my sincere thanks to your company for all your hard work and support.

I am extremely pleased with the results of my physical rehab. My personal trainer (Andy) was great. He really helped me a lot. He explained my treatment very clearly and gave me many tips to protect my injury. When I started with him I could not run or kick a ball, I had pain and stiffness throughout my knee caused by my ACL injury. Now my leg feels a 100% better and I can now strike a ball again!!

Scott Walker - Truro City FC


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